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Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Faces Senate Judiciary Committee On Third Day Of Confirmation Hearing


Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faced the final round of Senate confirmation questioning on Wednesday.  Senate Republicans are praising President Donald Trump’s pick, while Democrats are digging deeper into the judge’s views on health care, abortion, racial equity and voting rights

Barrett, an appeals court judge who adheres to an “originalist” constitutional approach, said that the conservative late Justice Antonin Scalia was her mentor, but also said when confronted with his rulings and outspoken comments that she is her own judge. Barrett told the Senate Judiciary Committee: “When I said that Justice Scalia’s philosophy is mine, too, I certainly didn’t mean to say that every sentence that came out of Justice Scalia’s mouth or every sentence that he wrote is one that I would agree with.

The 48-year-old Indiana judge’s nomination to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has stopped other legislative business as Republicans race to confirm her over Democratic objections before Election Day.

Nominee Amy Coney Barrett says Supreme Court can’t enforce rulings


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